Berserker Barrage X
Mvc3 wolverine berserker barrage x
Berserker Barrage X
User Wolverine
Meter Cost One
Hits 17~34
Damage 286,200~343,600
Execution Arcade Stick QCF+Attack x2
Properties Invincible, Mashable

"You're done."

Berserker Barrage X is Wolverine's trademark hyper attack. It's a prolonged and extra powerful version of Berserker Barrage. This attack is best used at the end of long combos where hitstun scaling won't let you combo into Fatal Claw. This attack has a small window of invincible frames, which has situational use in blowing through attacks. However this isn't recomended since it's difficult to properly time in this manner, making it too risky.


  • In UMvC3, Berserker Barrage X is more conductive to set up a DHC to another teammate, as the opposing character will be much lower to the ground.



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