Avengers Headquarters

Avengers Headquarters

Avengers Headquarters is one of the Marvel stages in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. This stage takes place inside the Avengers Mansion, and is considered Captain America's home stage.

The stage is set inside a spacious chamber within the mansion. The room is cluttered with monitor screens and computer terminals installed on the walls, as well as a central terminal with a large screen held over it at the center of the stage. Several members of the Avengers' support crew can be seen strewn around either giving orders or sitting at the terminals monitoring the screens. Four screens show several images: the center screen shows intermitent artwork of Captain America, Storm and Sabretooth; the smaller one behind it shows Spider-Man, Beast and Wolverine; and the two on the left side show single images of Psylocke and Magneto.

This location figures in two endings:

  • In Captain Commando's ending, an Avengers crewmember contacts all members of the Avengers to report that Onslaught was defeated. Captain Commando then appears in the screen and says that he and his team took care of him. Similar to the ending from his game, the Avengers Crew asks who he is, and he says "I am Captain Commando".
  • In Captain America's ending, he is in the HQ with the Capcom characters and explains that Onslaught was the embodiment of the dark emotions of Professor X and Magneto, and his conscience summoned heroes to stop him. With Onslaught's demise, the Capcom heroes return to their world and Captain America salutes them.

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