Apocalypse Now XvsSF

X-Men vs. Street Fighter version

Apocalypse Now! is one of the stages in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. The final boss stage, it is set on the Celestials spaceship used by the main villain, Apocalypse.

The stage is located inside Apocalypse's spaceship. The characters fight on a rock platform with several metallic lines running through it, overlooking a massive crevice whose walls are completely covered up in wires, cables and several containment tubes. There's a circular construct with three red lights hanging from the top of the screen with many cables coming out of it, and a large number of tubes hanging from both top ends of the stage. In the background there's a large glass dome with a view of planet Earth in the middle of space. Several X-Men characters, including Forge and Beast, as well as Blanka can be spotted on the top tubes, while two more tubes on the right side show Dan Hibiki and Psylocke trapped as well. Striking characters at this side of the screen can eventually break the tubes holding them.

Apocalypse Now MSHvsSF

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter version

In Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter, the stage received many changes. The color palette was altered to give the stage a darker and more sinister atmosphere. The red lights on top of the stage now are green, and Earth is no longer on the background, as it now display an unknown planet and a galaxy. In the upper tubes, Blanka and Beast were replaced by Guile and Charlie, shown speaking to each other through handheld radios, and Ghost Rider and Storm were added to the background behind them. Unlike the Death Valley and Showdown In The Park stages, using Shadow doesn't remove Charlie from the background. Finally, Dan and Psylocke are replaced by Elektra and Balrog on their side of the screen.

There are two versions with minor changes for each boss. Apocalypse's version features the X-Men cameos in tubes from the previous game in front of Guile and Charlie, almost entirely obscuring Ghost Rider and Storm, and Elektra and Balrog are located on the left side instead (probably due to Apocalypse taking up the right side). Cyber-Akuma's version removes the X-Men cameos on top, leaving Ghost Rider and Storm fully visible, and removes the Elektra and Balrog's tubes entirely.

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