Marvel Edit

Black Panther

  • Default
    • White suit (White Tiger)
    • Golden suit, and White lines and accessories
    • Violet suit
  • Wave 1 DLC: Divine Armor (Thrice-blessed Armor)
    • Red armor and Golden trims (Dora Milaje Armor)
    • Yellow armor
    • White armor (White Tiger)

Black Widow

  • Default
    • Black and red suit with white lines
    • White suit with black lines (Deadly Origin #2 variant)
    • Dark and light blue suit with black lines
  • Wave 1 DLC: Cosmonaut
    • Black and red
    • Black and pink (Fear Itself)
    • Black and black with red outlines (Modern 616 appearance)

Captain America

  • Default
    • Green and yellow suit (Hydra colors/Militant)
    • Red and white suit with yellow logo and stars (Red Guardian)
    • Black and red suit (Brainwashed Hydra agent/U.S. Agent colors)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Gladiator (Secret Wars: Planet Hulk Steve Rogers)
    • Blue and gold armor (Nomad colors)
    • Gray and silver armor
    • Gold and silver armor

Captain Marvel

  • Default
    • Red, white, and black costume (Binary costume)
    • Red, white, and blue costume (Phyla-Vell)
    • Red, yellow, and black costume (Original Ms. Marvel costume)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Warbird (Warbird/Ms. Marvel costume)
    • Blue costume with yellow insignia and red boots, sash, and mask (Kamala Khan)
    • White costume, gloves, and boots with red sash, mask, and insignia (Binary costume)
    • Red costume with black gloves, boots, and mask and yellow insignia (Original Ms. Marvel costume)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Major Carol Danvers
    • Pink and purple jacket, white collar, pink bracelets, brown belt, black pants, and brown boots
    • Green and dark green jacket, tan collar, yellow bracelets, white pants, and black belt and boots
    • Black and white jacket, tan collar, yellow bracelets, brown belt and boots, and white pants

Doctor Strange

  • Default
    • Light blue and black tunic with dark blue cape (Strange Tales #110)
    • Black and red tunic with black cape (Defenders costume)
    • White and red tunic and cape
  • Wave 1 DLC: Illuminati (Defenders/Marvel NOW! costume)
    • Light blue and yellow tunic with red sash, yellow gloves, and black pants (Strange Tales #110)
    • Black and purple tunic with purple sash, purple gloves, and black pants (Clea colors)
    • White and red tunic with red sash, red gloves, and white pants


  • Default
    • Red and purple armor
    • Black and red armor with blue flames
    • Gold and red armor
  • Wave 1 DLC: Molten (Possessed Hood from Dark Reign)
    • Dark green rocks with light blue lava (1st appearance/Strange Tales #126)
    • Dark blue rocks with orange lava (New Exiles Annual #1)
    • Dark purple rocks with purple lava (Classic 616 appearance)


  • Default
    • Purple and black armor (All-New Marvel NOW! costume)
    • Yellow and dark blue armor with light blue details
    • Black and red armor with gold details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Classic (Based on outfit from pre-Guardians of the Galaxy comics in early 2000s)
    • White outfit with red accents
    • Black outfit with red accents (Annihilation Conquest)
    • Yellow outfit with green accents

Ghost Rider

  • Default
    • Blue outfit with white gloves
    • Black jacket with red pants
    • White outfit and black boots (Phantom Rider)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Outlaw (Based on 2007 Ghost Rider movie’s Carter Slade/Phantom Rider and Prime Earth’s Cowboy Ghost Rider)
    • Purple vest and violet shirt (Vengeance colors)
    • White vest and black shirt, and blue fire (Phantom Rider)
    • Brown vest and purple shirt (90s Daniel Ketch Ghost Rider form)


  • Default
    • Black outfit with red details (Ultimate Comics Hawkeye costume)
    • Black outfit with yellow details (Ronin colors)
    • White outfit with purple details (Hawk-guy’s white shirt version)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Hawkeye (Ultimatum costume)
    • Black mask, black suit, black scarf, tan symbol, and green goggles. (Ronin colors)
    • Black mask, white suit, black scarf, gray symbol, and yellow goggles.(Bullseye colors)
    • Black mask, black suit, red scarf, red symbol, and red goggles (Regular Ultimate Comics Hawkeye costume)


  • Default
    • Blue skin and white pants (Captain Universe Hulk)
    • Gray skin and blue pants (Gray Hulk)
    • Red skin and black pants with yellow eyes (Red Hulk)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Joe Fixit
    • Purple suit and green tie, white shirt (Legacy She-Hulk color)
    • Black suit and tie, white shirt (Contest of Champions alternate color)
    • White suit and purple tie, grey shirt (Kingpin colors)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Gladiator (based on Thor Ragnarok and Planet Hulk)
    • Red skin, black armor, white plume, straps, gloves, shorts, and boots (Gladiator Red Hulk/Red Scar)
    • Light green skin, silver armor, dark green plume, brown straps, gloves and boots, and dark green shorts (World War Hulk)
    • Grey skin, bronze armor, red plume, dark brown straps, gloves, and boots, and dark red shorts (Gladiator Grey Hulk/Grey Scar)

Iron Man

  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Superior Iron Man (Endo-Sym Armor)
    • Red and black armor (Crimson Dynamo)
    • White and pink armor with gold highlights (Rescue)
    • Red lights (Red Repulsor mode)


  • Default
    • Red and black armor (Adam Warlock colors)
    • Gold and red armor
    • Black and purple armor with blue crest
  • Wave 1 DLC: Nova Prime (Black Vortex)
    • Red and gold armor with blue base
    • Green and blue armor with green base (Ronan the Accuser)
    • Black and red armor with black base (Sam Alexander)

Rocket Raccoon

  • Default
    • White outfit with orange details
    • Green outfit with brown details
    • Red outfit with black details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Space Suit (Marvel NOW!)
    • Purple and blue suit
    • Orange and black suit (Default colors)
    • Yellow and blue suit (X-Men colors)


  • Default
    • Black and white suit (Negative Zone costume, w/out black eyes)
    • Yellow and blue suit (Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Color 5)
    • Red and white suit (Mary Jane as Spinneret from Renew Your Vows)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus’ Superior Spider-Man Ver. 2 suit)
    • White and black suit, light blue foot jewels and purple web-line (Spider-Gwen)
    • Black and white suit (Superior Venom)
    • Red and yellow suit (Iron Spider)


  • Default
    • Black and silver outfit with purple details
    • Red and black outfit with yellow details
    • Silver and black outfit with green details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Annihilation
    • Red and black outfit
    • Dark blue and yellow outfit (Default colors)
    • Purple and dark blue outfit (Nebula colors)


  • Default
    • Gray armor with blue cape and bronze buttons (Valkyrie)
    • White armor and cape with black chainmail (Thor Girl)
    • Olive armor with teal cape (Loki)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Thor
    • Red outfit, white lights, silver belt, and white wrappings (EMH Space Suit)
    • White outfit, light blue lights, black belt, and brown wrappings
    • Dark blue outfit, yellow lights, bronze belt, and gold wrappings (Heroes Reborn)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Warrior (Based on Unworthy Thor and Thor: Ragnarok)
    • Black arm wrap and boots, and white gloves and pants
    • Yellow arm wrap, gloves, and pants, and black boots
    • White arm wrap and boots, red gloves and pants


  • Default
    • Gold body (Age of Ultron appearance)
    • Pink and black body
    • Gold and white body
  • Wave 1 DLC: Conquest (Annihilation Conquest)
    • Red and black body, and yellow eyes (Iron Man colors)
    • Dark turquoise and bronze body
    • Black and pink body with red lighting


  • Default
    • Red symbiote (Red Venom)
    • White symbiote (Anti-Venom/Venomverse’ Poisons/Inverse primary color)
    • Golden symbiote (Phage/MvC2 HP color)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Anti-Venom
    • Black symbiote, red emblem, with green eyes (Eddie Brock’s 2nd form variant of Toxin w/ eye color based on 1st form’s tongue)
    • Red symbiote, with purple eyes (Carnage)
    • Green symbiote and yellow emblem (Secret Wars 2015 Hydra Venom)

Winter Soldier

  • Default
    • Red uniform (Canada)
    • Dark brown and dark turqoise uniform (Regular Soldier)
    • White uniform (True Winter Soldier)
  • Wave 1 DLC: James Barnes (Casual)
    • Dark brown tanktop and dark turqoise jeans (Regular Soldier)
    • Black tanktop and jeans
    • Red tanktop and dark blue jeans (Classic WW2 Bucky/pre-Winter Soldier)

Capcom Edit


  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Fallen Angel Armor (Angelic Armor from Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins)
    • Dark green armor with neon green wings
    • Purple armor with violet wings
    • Gold armor with yellow wings


  • Default
    • White shirt with red pants and gloves and reddish brown hair
    • Black shirt with tan pants and blonde hair
    • Yellow shirt with black pants
  • Wave 1 DLC: Classic (Resident Evil Alternate Costume)
    • Dark blue jacket with light blue jeans and black holster (Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 2 appearance)
    • Red jacket and blue jeans (Claire Redfield colors)
    • Orange jacket and beige jeans


  • Default
    • Pink dress with yellow details (Pocket Fighter alternate/Street Fighter II Color 4)
    • Light blue dress with blue details and dark teal tights (Street Fighter III Color 11)
    • Black dress with red details and black tights (Street Fighter IV Color 10/Street Fighter III Color 12)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Casual (Street Fighter II Ending civilian outfit)
    • White shirt, blue shorts and vest
    • Red shirt and brown vest and short pants
    • Purple shirt and white vest


  • Default
    • White jacket with bluish-white hair (Breath of Fire's Ryu colors)
    • Black jacket with blond hair (Trish's colors)
    • Turquoise jacket (Vergil's colors)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Nephilim (DmC: Devil May Cry’s Dante)
    • Black jacket with yellow trim, grey hair and shirt
    • White jacket with black trim, grey hair with yellow shirt
    • Red/white jacket with white hair and black muscle shirt (Classic Dante)


  • Default
    • Blue skin with gold bracelets and blue and black wings (Capcom logo)
    • Yellow skin with blue bracelets and gray wings
    • Green skin with red bracelets and purple wings (Gargoyle's Quest cover/Green Goblin)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Firebrand (Ultimate Form from Demon's Crest)
    • Orange skin with green wings and green yellow eyes (Pumpkin colors)
    • Green skin with yellow wings and red eyes
    • Black skin with red wings and red eyes

Frank West

  • Default
    • Blue jacket with black shirt and blonde hair (Abel)
    • White jacket with black shirt
    • Olive green jacket with brown shirt
  • Wave 1 DLC: Proto Man
    • Gray outfit with black buster, scarf, shield, and helmet with yellow accents (Bass)
    • Blue outfit with yellow buster, shield, and helmet with white accents and a red scarf (Enker)
    • Green outfit with black buster, scarf, shield, and helmet with green accents (Sniper Joe)


  • Default
    • Red and silver outfit with blue details and light red skin and hair
    • Black and yellowish-gray outfit with orange details , red skin, and light orange hair
    • White and gold outfit with orange details, black skin, and light orange hair
  • Wave 1 DLC: Makai Messiah
    • Pink and gold armor
    • Blue and red armor
    • Gold and turquoise armor


  • Default
    • Red pants and tan skin with gold belt details
    • Gray pants and pale skin with white hair (Old Haggar)
    • White pants with brown skin, light brown hair, and gold belt details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Metro City Mayor (Formal Jacket-less/Street Fighter V CFN costume w/out glasses)
    • Black shirt, white tie and pants, black belt, and pale skin with white hair
    • Blue shirt, yellow tie, black pants, brown belt, and tan skin.
    • Yellow shirt, red tie, dark blue pants, brow belt, and light brown skin with white hair

Monster Hunter

  • Default
    • Blue Armor (Azure Rathalos set)
    • White Armor and hair, and tanned skin (Kirin S set)
    • Golden and black Armor
  • Wave 1 DLC : Kirin S Armor
    • Black and purple outfit, lavender hair, and tanned skin
    • Pink outfit, and light pink hair
    • Blue outfit


  • Default
    • Blonde hair with red gloves and tights
    • Purple hair with red leotard, blue gloves and tights, and red and blue wings (Lilith)
    • White hair and leotard with purple gloves, brown tights, white and dark purple wings, and tan skin
  • Wave 1 DLC: Night Warrior (Original design based off of one of Morrigan's winposes in Darkstalkers)
    • Turquoise outfit with yellow wings
    • White outfit with red wings, black hair
    • Dark green with yellow wings, grey hair


  • Default
    • Blue jacket with light blue skin (Hypnos)
    • White jacket and skin (Ivan)
    • Red jacket with reddish skin (Raw meat)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Tyrant (T-00's trenchcoat)
    • Orange jacket with dark green trim and orange skin
    • Pink jacket with Quinacridone magenta trim, grey skin
    • Dark green with olive trim, grey skin


  • Default
    • Grayish-blue gi with blue headband and brown gloves (Street Fighter II color 2)
    • Orange gi with dark blue headband and brown gloves (Street Fighter II color 6)
    • Black gi with yellow headband and gloves (Street Fighter II color 4)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Wanderer (Street Fighter IV series DLC outfit)
    • Dark-red gi with white headband (Pocket Fighter alternate 3)
    • Purple gi with green headband
    • Black gi with red headband (Evil Ryu)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Evil Ryu
    • Red gi with black headband and yellow gloves (Violent Ken Masters)
    • Yellow gi with yellow headband and black gloves (Sean Matsuda)
    • White gi with red headband and red gloves (Standard Ryu)


  • Default
    • Purple armor, orange belt, bronze shoulder pad and spikes, and black and dark red cape (Vile’s First Form)
    • Dark blue eyes, white and red armor, brown and red belt, beige shoulder pad and spikes, and red and white cape
    • Purple eyes and armor chest emblem, black armor, grey and yellow belt, dark gold should pad and spikes, and black and dark red cape
  • Wave 1 DLC: X5 (Final W Form from Mega Man X5)
    • Red armor, white and black spine armor, golden chest emblem, and blue armor glows
    • Purple and black armor, grey and black spine armor, black and purple chest armor, golden chest emblem, and violet armor glows
    • Golden and black armor, grey and golden spine armor, black and yellow chest armor, red chest emblem, and yellow armor glows


  • Default
    • Orange tank top with black and orange pants and black hair and boots (Bionic Commando Re-Armed P2 colors/BioReign Terrorist outfit)
    • White tank top with black pants and bronze arm
    • Blue tank top with reddish-brown pants and brass arm
  • Wave 1 DLC: Gottfried (Gottfried Groeder's outfit)
    • Navy blue uniform with steel grey collar
    • Green uniform with orange collar
    • Khaki uniform with kobicha collar

Strider Hiryu

  • Default
    • Red and white outfit with yellow emblem (Guy)
    • Tan outfit with black hair, scarf, and armbands (Ibuki)
    • Blue and red outfit with yellow armbands and white hair
  • Wave 1 DLC: Strider Hien
    • Navy blue outfit, white scarf and blades, red straps, gold belt, yellow gauntlets, and brown hair
    • Orange outfit, yellow scarf and blades, white straps, silver belt, navy blue gauntlets, and black hair.
    • Black outfit, red scarf and blades, brow straps, gold belt, white gauntlets, and brown hair.


  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Special (TruForce)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Command Mission
    • Pink-red armor with blue crystals and green helmet pieces (Marino)
    • Gold, white, and turquoise armor with red crystals, grey-turquoise helmet pieces and grey leg armor (Cinnamon)
    • Grey-black armor with green head crystal and yellow crystals, blue helmet pieces, and red neckpiece (Spider)


  • Default
    • Black and white armor with tan hair (Black Zero)
    • Blue and white armor with blonde hair
    • Purple and white armor with pink hair and green forehead light (Zero Nightmare)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Special (TruForce)
    • Green and white armor
    • Purple and black armor (Bass)
    • Black and white armor (Black Zero)

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