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This article lists the many different color and costumes featured in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Each character in game has a total of 4 color choices, with the 2nd color unlocked from the start, and the 3rd and 4th unlocked after fighting a specific number of battles in either Arcade Mode or Online. As the name indicates, these are simply color changes in the character's textures with no extra additions. All characters also have a number of DLC costumes released in "waves", which are full model alterations with their own unique appearance. Different from the DLC costumes in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, all DLC costumes now sport 4 color choices as well. Neither colors or costumes have any effect on gameplay.

Since there are no official "Costume Breakdown" blog posts from Marvel and Capcom detailing the sources of these colors as they were in Ultimate, any and all origins and references detailed here are merely guesses, and should not be treated as official word.


Black Panther - Normal
Black Panther Color 2 Black Panther Color 3
White suit with gold accents.
Scheme based on the White Tiger.
Golden suit with white accents and silver accessories.
Possibly inspired in Erik Killmonger's suit from the Black Panther movie.
Black Panther Color 4
Dark purple suit with purple accents and gold accessories.
Scheme based on the Black Panther's purple vibranium glow first introduced in Black Panther vol. 6.
Black Panther - Wave 1
Black Panther DLC W1 Color 1 Black Panther DLC W1 Color 2
Divine Armor Black Panther.
Inspired in Black Panther's Thrice-Blessed Armor.
Red armor with gold trim.
Inspired on the Dora Milaje armor.
Black Panther DLC W1 Color 3 Black Panther DLC W1 Color 4
Golden armor.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
White armor.
Scheme based on the White Tiger.
Black Widow - Normal
Black Widow Color 2 Black Widow Color 3
Black and red suit with white lines.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
All-white suit with black lines.
Based on variant cover art for Deadly Origins #2.
Black Widow Color 4
Dark and light blue suit with black lines.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
Black Widow - Wave 1
Black Widow DLC W1 Color 1 Black Widow DLC W1 Color 2
Cosmonaut Black Widow.
Black and red suit.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
Black Widow DLC W1 Color 3 Black Widow DLC W1 Color 4
Black and pink suit.
Scheme inspired in Black Widow's suit during the Fear Itself event.
All-black suit with red trim.
Default color scheme.
Captain America - Normal
Captain America Color 2 Captain America Color 3
Green, white and black costume with yellow accents and gloves, black boots.
HYDRA-themed color scheme, based on either Captain America's suit from Secret Empire #10 or Militant.
Red, black and white costume with yellow accents, red gloves and black boots.
Scheme based on the Red Guardian.
Captain America Color 4
Black costume with crimson accents.
HYDRA-themed color scheme from the Cinematic Universe, possibly inspired in fan-edited "Captain Hydra" images.
Captain America - Wave 1
Captain America DLC W1 Color 1 Captain America DLC W1 Color 2
Gladiator Captain America.
Alternate universe Captain America from Secret Wars: Planet Hulk.
Golden armor with blue clothing.
Scheme based on Nomad, one of Captain America's old identities.
Captain America DLC W1 Color 3 Captain America DLC W1 Color 4
Pale blue armor with brown clothing.
Alternate universe Captain America from Age of X.
Golden armor and clothing with gray leg and arm protectors.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
Captain Marvel - Normal
Captain Marvel Color 2 Captain Marvel Color 3
White, black and red costume.
Scheme based on Carol Danvers' Binary costume.
Red and blue costume with silver trims and chest star.
Scheme based on Phyla-Vell's Captain Marvel costume.
Captain Marvel Color 4
Red and black costume with yellow trim and chest star.
Scheme based on either the original Captain Mar-Vell or Moonstone's "Ms. Marvel" costume as a Dark Avenger.
Captain Marvel - Wave 1
Captain Marvel DLC W1 Color 1 Captain Marvel DLC W1 Color 2
Warbird Captain Marvel.
Carol Danvers' original Miss. Marvel costume.
Blue leotard with yellow chest insignia and red accessories.
Scheme based on Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel costume.
Captain Marvel DLC W1 Color 3 Captain Marvel DLC W1 Color 4
All-white uniform with red chest insignia, mask and sash.
Scheme based on Carol Danvers' Binary costume.
Red sash, mask and leotard with yellow chest insignia, black accessories
Scheme based on Ms. Marvel's debut costume.
Captain Marvel - Wave 2
Captain Marvel DLC W2 Color 1 Captain Marvel DLC W2 Color 2
Major Carol Danvers.
Costume inspired in Carol's pilot uniform from the comics.
Purple and pink jacket with black pants and brown boots.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
Captain Marvel DLC W2 Color 3 Captain Marvel DLC W2 Color 4
Green and dark green jacket with white pants and black boots.
Unknown / Original color scheme.
Black and white jacket with white pants and gold boots.
Unknown / Original color scheme.

Doctor Strange

  • Default
    • Light blue and black tunic with dark blue cape (Strange Tales #110)
    • Black and red tunic with black cape (Defenders costume)
    • White and red tunic and cape
  • Wave 1 DLC: Illuminati (Defenders/Marvel NOW! costume)
    • Light blue and yellow tunic with red sash, yellow gloves, and black pants (Strange Tales #110)
    • Black and purple tunic with purple sash, purple gloves, and black pants (Clea colors)
    • White and red tunic with red sash, red gloves, and white pants


  • Default
    • Red and purple armor
    • Black and red armor with blue flames
    • Gold and red armor
  • Wave 1 DLC: Molten (Possessed Hood from Dark Reign)
    • Dark green rocks with light blue lava (1st appearance/Strange Tales #126)
    • Dark blue rocks with orange lava (New Exiles Annual #1)
    • Dark purple rocks with purple lava (Classic 616 appearance)


  • Default
    • Purple and black armor (All-New Marvel NOW! costume)
    • Yellow and dark blue armor with light blue details
    • Black and red armor with gold details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Classic (Based on outfit from pre-Guardians of the Galaxy comics in early 2000s)
    • White outfit with red accents
    • Black outfit with red accents (Annihilation Conquest)
    • Yellow outfit with green accents

Ghost Rider

  • Default
    • Blue outfit with white gloves
    • Black jacket with red pants
    • White outfit and black boots (Phantom Rider)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Outlaw (Based on 2007 Ghost Rider movie’s Carter Slade/Phantom Rider and Prime Earth’s Cowboy Ghost Rider)
    • Purple vest and violet shirt (Vengeance colors)
    • White vest and black shirt, and blue fire (Phantom Rider)
    • Brown vest and purple shirt (90s Daniel Ketch Ghost Rider form)


  • Default
    • Black outfit with red details (Ultimate Comics Hawkeye costume)
    • Black outfit with yellow details (Ronin colors)
    • White outfit with purple details (Hawk-guy’s white shirt version)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Hawkeye (Ultimatum costume)
    • Black mask, black suit, black scarf, tan symbol, and green goggles. (Ronin colors)
    • Black mask, white suit, black scarf, gray symbol, and yellow goggles.(Bullseye colors)
    • Black mask, black suit, red scarf, red symbol, and red goggles (Regular Ultimate Comics Hawkeye costume)


  • Default
    • Blue skin and white pants (Captain Universe Hulk)
    • Gray skin and blue pants (Gray Hulk)
    • Red skin and black pants with yellow eyes (Red Hulk)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Joe Fixit
    • Purple suit and green tie, white shirt (Legacy She-Hulk color)
    • Black suit and tie, white shirt (Contest of Champions alternate color)
    • White suit and purple tie, grey shirt (Kingpin colors)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Gladiator (based on Thor Ragnarok and Planet Hulk)
    • Red skin, black armor, white plume, straps, gloves, shorts, and boots (Gladiator Red Hulk/Red Scar)
    • Light green skin, silver armor, dark green plume, brown straps, gloves and boots, and dark green shorts (World War Hulk)
    • Grey skin, bronze armor, red plume, dark brown straps, gloves, and boots, and dark red shorts (Gladiator Grey Hulk/Grey Scar)

Iron Man

  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Superior Iron Man (Endo-Sym Armor)
    • Red and black armor (Crimson Dynamo)
    • White and pink armor with gold highlights (Rescue)
    • Red lights (Red Repulsor mode)


  • Default
    • Red and black armor (Adam Warlock colors)
    • Gold and red armor
    • Black and purple armor with blue crest
  • Wave 1 DLC: Nova Prime (Black Vortex)
    • Red and gold armor with blue base
    • Green and blue armor with green base (Ronan the Accuser)
    • Black and red armor with black base (Sam Alexander)

Rocket Raccoon

  • Default
    • White outfit with orange details
    • Green outfit with brown details
    • Red outfit with black details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Space Suit (Marvel NOW!)
    • Purple and blue suit
    • Orange and black suit (Default colors)
    • Yellow and blue suit (X-Men colors)


  • Default
    • Black and white suit (Negative Zone costume, w/out black eyes)
    • Yellow and blue suit (Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Color 5)
    • Red and white suit (Mary Jane as Spinneret from Renew Your Vows)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus’ Superior Spider-Man Ver. 2 suit)
    • White and black suit, light blue foot jewels and purple web-line (Spider-Gwen)
    • Black and white suit (Superior Venom)
    • Red and yellow suit (Iron Spider)


  • Default
    • Black and silver outfit with purple details
    • Red and black outfit with yellow details
    • Silver and black outfit with green details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Annihilation
    • Red and black outfit
    • Dark blue and yellow outfit (Default colors)
    • Purple and dark blue outfit (Nebula colors)


  • Default
    • Gray armor with blue cape and bronze buttons (Valkyrie)
    • White armor and cape with black chainmail (Thor Girl)
    • Olive armor with teal cape (Loki)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Thor
    • Red outfit, white lights, silver belt, and white wrappings (EMH Space Suit)
    • White outfit, light blue lights, black belt, and brown wrappings
    • Dark blue outfit, yellow lights, bronze belt, and gold wrappings (Heroes Reborn)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Warrior (Based on Unworthy Thor and Thor: Ragnarok)
    • Black arm wrap and boots, and white gloves and pants
    • Yellow arm wrap, gloves, and pants, and black boots
    • White arm wrap and boots, red gloves and pants


  • Default
    • Gold body (Age of Ultron appearance)
    • Pink and black body
    • Gold and white body
  • Wave 1 DLC: Conquest (Annihilation Conquest)
    • Red and black body, and yellow eyes (Iron Man colors)
    • Dark turquoise and bronze body
    • Black and pink body with red lighting


  • Default
    • Red symbiote (Red Venom)
    • White symbiote (Anti-Venom/Venomverse’ Poisons/Inverse primary color)
    • Golden symbiote (Phage/MvC2 HP color)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Anti-Venom
    • Black symbiote, red emblem, with green eyes (Eddie Brock’s 2nd form variant of Toxin w/ eye color based on 1st form’s tongue)
    • Red symbiote, with purple eyes (Carnage)
    • Green symbiote and yellow emblem (Secret Wars 2015 Hydra Venom)

Winter Soldier

  • Default
    • Red uniform (Canada)
    • Dark brown and dark turqoise uniform (Regular Soldier)
    • White uniform (True Winter Soldier)
  • Wave 1 DLC: James Barnes (Casual)
    • Dark brown tanktop and dark turqoise jeans (Regular Soldier)
    • Black tanktop and jeans
    • Red tanktop and dark blue jeans (Classic WW2 Bucky/pre-Winter Soldier)

Capcom Edit


  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Fallen Angel Armor (Angelic Armor from Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins)
    • Dark green armor with neon green wings
    • Purple armor with violet wings
    • Gold armor with yellow wings


  • Default
    • White shirt with red pants and gloves and reddish brown hair
    • Black shirt with tan pants and blonde hair
    • Yellow shirt with black pants
  • Wave 1 DLC: Classic (Resident Evil Alternate Costume)
    • Dark blue jacket with light blue jeans and black holster (Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 2 appearance)
    • Red jacket and blue jeans (Claire Redfield colors)
    • Orange jacket and beige jeans


  • Default
    • Pink dress with yellow details (Pocket Fighter alternate/Street Fighter II Color 4)
    • Light blue dress with blue details and dark teal tights (Street Fighter III Color 11)
    • Black dress with red details and black tights (Street Fighter IV Color 10/Street Fighter III Color 12)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Casual (Street Fighter II Ending civilian outfit)
    • White shirt, blue shorts and vest
    • Red shirt and brown vest and short pants
    • Purple shirt and white vest


  • Default
    • White jacket with bluish-white hair (Breath of Fire's Ryu colors)
    • Black jacket with blond hair (Trish's colors)
    • Turquoise jacket (Vergil's colors)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Nephilim (DmC: Devil May Cry’s Dante)
    • Black jacket with yellow trim, grey hair and shirt
    • White jacket with black trim, grey hair with yellow shirt
    • Red/white jacket with white hair and black muscle shirt (Classic Dante)


  • Default
    • Blue skin with gold bracelets and blue and black wings (Capcom logo)
    • Yellow skin with blue bracelets and gray wings
    • Green skin with red bracelets and purple wings (Gargoyle's Quest cover/Green Goblin)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Ultimate Firebrand (Ultimate Form from Demon's Crest)
    • Orange skin with green wings and green yellow eyes (Pumpkin colors)
    • Green skin with yellow wings and red eyes
    • Black skin with red wings and red eyes

Frank West

  • Default
    • Blue jacket with black shirt and blonde hair (Abel)
    • White jacket with black shirt
    • Olive green jacket with brown shirt
  • Wave 1 DLC: Proto Man
    • Gray outfit with black buster, scarf, shield, and helmet with yellow accents (Bass)
    • Blue outfit with yellow buster, shield, and helmet with white accents and a red scarf (Enker)
    • Green outfit with black buster, scarf, shield, and helmet with green accents (Sniper Joe)


  • Default
    • Red and silver outfit with blue details and light red skin and hair
    • Black and yellowish-gray outfit with orange details , red skin, and light orange hair
    • White and gold outfit with orange details, black skin, and light orange hair
  • Wave 1 DLC: Makai Messiah
    • Pink and gold armor
    • Blue and red armor
    • Gold and turquoise armor


  • Default
    • Red pants and tan skin with gold belt details
    • Gray pants and pale skin with white hair (Old Haggar)
    • White pants with brown skin, light brown hair, and gold belt details
  • Wave 1 DLC: Metro City Mayor (Formal Jacket-less/Street Fighter V CFN costume w/out glasses)
    • Black shirt, white tie and pants, black belt, and pale skin with white hair
    • Blue shirt, yellow tie, black pants, brown belt, and tan skin.
    • Yellow shirt, red tie, dark blue pants, brow belt, and light brown skin with white hair

Monster Hunter

  • Default
    • Blue Armor (Azure Rathalos set)
    • White Armor and hair, and tanned skin (Kirin S set)
    • Golden and black Armor
  • Wave 1 DLC : Kirin S Armor
    • Black and purple outfit, lavender hair, and tanned skin
    • Pink outfit, and light pink hair
    • Blue outfit


  • Default
    • Blonde hair with red gloves and tights
    • Purple hair with red leotard, blue gloves and tights, and red and blue wings (Lilith)
    • White hair and leotard with purple gloves, brown tights, white and dark purple wings, and tan skin
  • Wave 1 DLC: Night Warrior (Original design based off of one of Morrigan's winposes in Darkstalkers)
    • Turquoise outfit with yellow wings
    • White outfit with red wings, black hair
    • Dark green with yellow wings, grey hair


  • Default
    • Blue jacket with light blue skin (Hypnos)
    • White jacket and skin (Ivan)
    • Red jacket with reddish skin (Raw meat)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Tyrant (T-00's trenchcoat)
    • Orange jacket with dark green trim and orange skin
    • Pink jacket with Quinacridone magenta trim, grey skin
    • Dark green with olive trim, grey skin


  • Default
    • Grayish-blue gi with blue headband and brown gloves (Street Fighter II color 2)
    • Orange gi with dark blue headband and brown gloves (Street Fighter II color 6)
    • Black gi with yellow headband and gloves (Street Fighter II color 4)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Wanderer (Street Fighter IV series DLC outfit)
    • Dark-red gi with white headband (Pocket Fighter alternate 3)
    • Purple gi with green headband
    • Black gi with red headband (Evil Ryu)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Evil Ryu
    • Red gi with black headband and yellow gloves (Violent Ken Masters)
    • Yellow gi with yellow headband and black gloves (Sean Matsuda)
    • White gi with red headband and red gloves (Standard Ryu)


  • Default
    • Purple armor, orange belt, bronze shoulder pad and spikes, white and gold hands, and black and dark red cape (Vile’s First Form)
    • Dark blue eyes, white and red armor, brown and red belt, beige shoulder pad and spikes, red and white hands, and red and white cape
    • Purple eyes and armor chest emblem, black armor, grey and yellow belt, dark gold should pad and spikes, black and gold hands, and black and dark red cape
  • Wave 1 DLC: X5 (Final W Form from Mega Man X5)
    • Red armor, white and black spine armor, golden chest emblem, and blue armor glows
    • Purple and black armor, grey and black spine armor, black and purple chest armor, golden chest emblem, and violet armor glows
    • Golden and black armor, grey and golden spine armor, black and yellow chest armor, red chest emblem, and yellow armor glows


  • Default
    • Orange tank top with black and orange pants and black hair and boots (Bionic Commando Re-Armed P2 colors/BioReign Terrorist outfit)
    • White tank top with black pants and bronze arm
    • Blue tank top with reddish-brown pants and brass arm
  • Wave 1 DLC: Gottfried (Gottfried Groeder's outfit)
    • Navy blue uniform with steel grey collar
    • Green uniform with orange collar
    • Khaki uniform with kobicha collar

Strider Hiryu

  • Default
    • Red and white outfit with yellow emblem (Guy)
    • Tan outfit with black hair, scarf, and armbands (Ibuki)
    • Blue and red outfit with yellow armbands and white hair
  • Wave 1 DLC: Strider Hien
    • Navy blue outfit, white scarf and blades, red straps, gold belt, yellow gauntlets, and brown hair
    • Orange outfit, yellow scarf and blades, white straps, silver belt, navy blue gauntlets, and black hair.
    • Black outfit, red scarf and blades, brow straps, gold belt, white gauntlets, and brown hair.


  • Default
  • Wave 1 DLC: Special (TruForce)
    • Grey and white armor (Test Color Version)
    • Gold, grey, black and orange armor with pink crystal and grey hands (X-Kai)
    • White, blue armor, and gold armor with red hands (X-Boost)
  • Wave 2 DLC: Command Mission
    • Pink-red armor with blue crystals and green helmet pieces (Marino)
    • Gold, white, and turquoise armor with red crystals, grey-turquoise helmet pieces and grey leg armor (Cinnamon)
    • Grey-black armor with green head crystal and yellow crystals, blue helmet pieces, and red neckpiece (Spider)


  • Default
    • Black and white armor with tan hair (Black Zero)
    • Blue and white armor with blonde hair
    • Purple and white armor with light pink hair, blue leg lights, and green forehead light (Zero Nightmare)
  • Wave 1 DLC: Special (TruForce)
    • Green and white armor with light yellow green hair, red forehead light, and orange chest and leg lights
    • Purple and black armor with tan hair, orange forehead, chest, and leg lights, pink-red outlines, and black hands (Super Bass)
    • Black and white armor (Black Zero)