Every character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a set of alternate costumes. These are purely cosmetic changes; costumes have no effect on gameplay. Each alternate costume makes reference to various Marvel comic books settings and characters, Capcom video game characters, or original concepts. With the exception of DLC, alternate costumes are recolored versions of the base character model; DLC costumes are entirely new models.

In Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, each character has a total of 6 costumes (not counting DLC). Characters from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 now have an additional two alternates. Existing costumes have been improved/edited to look more like their comic book inspirations, though some were replaced (i.e. the Vergil-like Wesker alternate in Marvel vs Capcom 3 has been removed to avoid confusion with Vergil in Ultimate).

A large-scale glitch has been discovered allowing players to select alternate costumes that they have not yet bought. This involves a complicated set of selections involving selecting a character they already have a costume for, highlighting a character that doesn't have an alt yet, canceling back to the first character and pressing L1/LB Button at the right time. This is the only way for players to access Magneto's alternate costume, which is currently not officially available. A video of the glitch can be seen in action here: [1]


Captain America

  • Light blue outfit with original shield (Captain America Comics)
  • Pale blue outfit with dark gray gloves / pouches / boots, new shield pattern, no wings on head, and a star on forehead (Age of X)
  • Gray outfit with red mask / shoulders / chest / belt buckle / gloves / boots, yellow skin, star on chest has blue outline, wings on head are painted on {Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes space suit)
  • Default outfit (scales removed) with black sleeves / pants / belt pouches / boots (Captain America (Bucky))
  • Black outfit / gloves / boots with white sleeves / pouches / pant leg bottoms, skull on chest, stars on shoulders, no wings on head (The Punisher after Civil War)
    • Red, white, and black shield, no star logo (U.S. Agent)
  • Steve Rogers: Super Soldier with original shield (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)


  • Yellow / black outfit with default mask / red wrists / ankles, "X-Men" and "Deadpool" logo in red on front and back respectively (Deadpool #17)
  • Olive green / black outfit (Deathwish)
  • Yellow / blue outfit, blue X with red outline on right side of chest, yellow pouches (Weapon X: Days of Future Now)
  • Inverse black / red outfit, silver pouches (Weapon X)
  • Gray / black outfit, red X on belt with red eyes, military gray pouches (X-Force)
  • Cablepool (Parody of 90's comics) (DLC - Evil Twin Costume Pack)

Doctor Doom

  • White cloak with light blue tunic (Future Foundation)
  • Faded red cloak with faded green tunic (Dark Reign: The Cabal (The Hood's outfit))
  • Black wrinkled cloak and tunic (Old Man Logan)
  • Red cloak with black tunic and Black armor, glowing red eyes (Doom 2099)
  • Orange cloak and tunic, black ovals around eyes (Identity Crisis: Death Mask - Deadpool Corps)
  • Doomwar suit (DLC - New Age of Heroes Costume Pack)

Doctor Strange

  • Blue cape and lighter yellow belt, yellow gloves (Vintage Blue)
  • Red tunic, gold chest logo, white belt, beige gloves (1990's Doctor Strange / Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems)
  • Tunic with red top and gray bottom / sleeves, silver logo, gray underneath cape (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe)
  • Black tunic / leggings / cape with dark red chest logo and under cape, blue belt (Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme animated film)
  • Pale blue tunic with no logo, gray cape / pendant, beige gloves (Doctor Strange 1602)
  • Blue Mage disguise (Dr. Strange #177) (DLC - Viewtiful Strange Costume Pack)


  • Green / yellow armor with blue head flame (Strange Tales)
  • Green / orange armor with purple head flame (Sorcerer Supreme)
  • Red armor with gold belt (The Other World War)
  • Blue armor with red belt / gloves / cape (Exiles - New Exiles Annual #1)
  • Purple / blue armor with blue head flame (Rorkannu - Nextwave)
  • Classic Dormammu (DLC - Viewtiful Strange Costume Pack)

Ghost Rider


  • Blue / light blue tunic, purple bands / boots / mask, and yellow bow (Tales of Suspense #57)
  • Brown mask / boots / gloves / trim, and yellow tunic / eyepiece / bands [Heroes Reborn]
  • Black tunic, and red trim / bands (Ultimate Hawkeye)
  • Grey tunic with red mask / bands / boots / gloves / belt, and yellow skin [Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes spacesuit]
  • Red tunic / eyepiece, and gray trim / bands / gloves / boots [Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems - Evil Hawkeye]
  • Ronin II [Alexi Shostakov, Avengers #43] (DLC - Weapon Expert Costume Pack)


  • Light green skin, and light purple pants [Classic Hulk]
  • Gray skin, and blue pants [Gray Hulk]
  • Red skin, black pants / nails, and glowing yellow eyes (Red Hulk)
  • Olive green skin, faded purple pants, and orange veins over body [Age of X]
  • Blue skin, black spots over body, and white pants (Captain Universe Hulk)
  • Planet Hulk attire (DLC - Ancient Warrior Costume Pack)

Iron Fist

  • White jumpsuit, and yellow mask / band [Classic Iron Fist]
  • Red jumpsuit, and yellow mask / band [H'ylthri plant-automaton]
  • Blue jumpsuit, green mask / band, and snake tattoo [Steel Serpent]
  • Purple jumpsuit / mask, yellow band, and snake tattoo [Steel Serpent alternate]
  • Green / black jumpsuit, green mask, gray band, and black skin [Luke Cage / Power Fist - New Exiles]
  • Ultimate Iron Fist (DLC - Brawler Costume Pack)

Iron Man

  • Silver armor, yellow light [Mark I Armor]
  • Red / silver armor [Silver Centurion Armor]
  • Blue armor, red light [Stealth Armor]
  • Gold armor, yellow light [Golden Avenger]
  • Grey / yellow armor, yellow light ['Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems - Evil Iron Man]
  • Iron Patriot (Dark Avengers' Norman Osborn / Green Goblin) (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)



  • Silver body (Tales of Suspense)
  • Yellow body, gray skin, and red eyes (Super-Villain Team-Up: M.O.D.O.K.'s 11)
  • Blue / purple body with light brunette hair [What If #37]
  • Orange body, red arms / legs / lips, white gem, and black eye make-up M.O.D.A.M.)
  • Purple body, green arms / legs, tan skin, dark brunette hair, and orange eyes with purple around eyes [M.O.D.O.T.]
  • M.E.M.P.H.I.S. [Nextwave] (DLC - Villain Costume Pack)


  • Red suit, and bright yellow helmet / gloves / belt / boots [Kid Nova]
  • Brown suit, and bronze helmet / gloves / belt / boots [New Warriors]
  • Black suit with yellow detailing, and yellow helmet / gloves / belt / boots [Marvel Knights: 2001 Millennial Visions]
  • Blue suit, and red gloves / boots [Quasar]
  • Blue suit, silver helmet / belt, and red gloves / boots [Nova 00]
  • Sam Alexander (Ultimate Spider-Man & Avengers vs. X-Men) (DLC - Viewtiful Strange Costume Pack)


  • White suit, and yellow boots / gloves / belt (Phoenix: Endsong)
    • Dark Phoenix: Black suit
  • Black suit / boots / gloves, grey belt, yellow X-Men logo on chest (New X-Men)
    • 'Dark Phoenix: Red suit and yellow Phoenix logo on chest
  • Blue suit, and yellow boots / gloves / belt / neck (X-Men Forever)
    • Dark Phoenix: Orange suit, yellow boots / gloves / belt, and black Phoenix logo on chest
  • Red suit, and yellow boots / gloves / belt / X-Factor design on chest (X-Factor)
    • Dark Phoenix: Gold suit and yellow Phoenix logo on chest
  • Red suit, gray boots / gloves, bare neck, and V-shaped facial marking [Weapon X - Age of Apocalypse]
    • Dark Phoenix: Black hair and yellow neck / Phoenix logo on chest
  • 1990's Jean Grey suit (X-Men, vol. 2) (DLC - Rising Dead Costume Pack)
    • Dark Phoenix: Reversed color suit (Red version)

Rocket Raccoon

  • Aqua blue suit, light aqua gloves, and gray fur [Guardians of the Galaxy]
  • Pale blue / white outfit, and white gloves [Annihilators]
  • White shirt, and tan gloves / belt / pants [Timely Inc. Uniform]
  • Red shirt, white gloves / belt / pants [Incredible Hulk #271]
  • Camoflauge suit, and green-tinted fur [Annihilators: Earthfall #3]
  • Original Appearance [Rocket Raccoon Limited Series] (DLC - Animal Costume Pack)


  • Purple / red Sentinel [X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse]
  • White Sentinel, and red face [Nimrod]
  • Black Sentinel [X-Men: Legacy]
  • Turquoise / gray Sentinel (Sentinel Type Mark IV)
  • Yellow / blue Sentinel (Yipes' MvC2 Mango Sentinel)
  • Classic Sentinel (DLC - New Age of Heroes Costume Pack)


  • Blue leotard with Fantastic 4 logo on chest [Fantastic Four]
  • Light blue leotard, purple hair, and gray shoes / skin [Gray She-Hulk]
  • Black / white striped leotard, and faded green hair / skin (Ultimate She-Hulk)
  • Purple / black / white striped leotard, black hair with red highlights, and red skin (Red She-Hulk)
  • Red / yellow wrestling leotard, red hair / lipstick, red gloves / shoes with yellow trim, and olive green skin (Lyra)
  • Lawyer attire (DLC - Brawler Costume Pack)


  • Light purple body with green eye [Marvel Super Heroes]
  • Blue body with green eye [Marvel vs Capcom 2]
  • White body with black shading and black-and-red eye [Original design based on the color scheme of MadWorld]
  • Red body with green eye [Marvel vs Capcom 2]
  • Black body with blue eye [Marvel vs Capcom 2]
  • Quoggoth [Wolverine First Class Vol. 1 #12] (Free with Shuma-Gorath DLC purchase)


  • White suit, and black eyes / markings [Future Foundation]
  • Black suit, and red eyes / markings [Big Time Suit, Anti-Sonic Mode]
  • Black suit, and white eyes / markings [Symbiote Suit]
  • Red suit, and yellow eyes / markings (Iron Spider)
  • Black suit, gray chain mail, and yellow eyes / markings [New Spider-Armor Suit]
  • Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) (DLC - Evil Twin Costume Pack)


  • White leotard (X-Men, vol. 2)
  • Black leotard / boots, silver trim / bracelets, and purple cape / leggings [X-Men: Revolution / X-Men 2000]
  • Dark grey leotard, silver trim, and white lightning design on cape [Current Design]
  • Blue / yellow leotard / boots / trim / hairband, and blue cape / leggings [1990s / Retro X-Men]
  • Light blue leotard / boots / hairband / cape, and silver trim / leggings (Mjolnir Storm)
  • Retro / Morlock attire (DLC - Femme Fatale Costume Pack)


  • Gray / black suit, forest green gloves / skin, and white eyes [First Skrull Uniform]
  • Blue / white suit, light forest green gloves / skin, and white eyes [Second Skrull Uniform]
  • Gray / off-white suit with ribcage-like pattern on chest, dark green skin, and white eyes (Ultimate Super-Skrull)
  • Gray / orange suit, gray skin, and red eyes (Rl'nnd)
  • Gold / brown suit, dark green skin, and white eyes [Avengers: The Initiative]
  • Annihilation attire (DLC - Villain Costume Pack)


  • Dark blue outfit, and orange cape / shield (Classic Taskmaster)
  • Orange outfit / cape, and red / black shield [Frightful Four]
  • Red outfit, black boots, and red / gray shield [Deadpool]
  • Black top / cape / gloves / boots with red trim, brown legs, yellow / white shield, and yellow skull (Black Knight)
  • Light blue outfit, light purple cape / shield, and dark blue skull (Mr. Fear)
  • Udon Comic Appearance [Taskmaster #1 (2002)] (DLC - Weapon Expert Costume Pack)

Thor Odinson

  • Light blue attire, and gold chain mail / helmet / boots (Thor #378)
  • Dark blue attire / cape, gold chain mail / boots, and red / white striped wristbands / belt (Heroes Reborn)
  • Dark blue attire / chain mail / boots, dark red cape, and glowing blue chest studs (Ultimate Thor)
  • Red attire / cape / boots, dark gray chain mail, yellow belt, and glowing blue chest studs [Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes spacesuit]
  • Black attire, gold chainmail, and tan skin (Beta Ray Bill)
  • Classic Thor (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)


  • Yellow / brown suit [Classic Wolverine]
  • Black / white suit [X-Force]
  • Pale yellow / pale blue suit, and black gloves / shoes [Wolverine: Enemy of the State]
  • Blue / red suit (Weapon X - Age of Apocalypse)
  • Green / blue suit, and red eyes [Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems - Evil Wolverine]
  • Weapon X / Winter Training (DLC - Animal Costume Pack)


  • Gold top, and gold / black pants (New X-Men)
  • Black / white striped top, and black pants (X-23 #1)
  • Violet top, white pants, and tan skin (Captain Universe / X-23)
  • Blue / gray outfit [X-Force]
  • Green top / hair, and green / white pants [Kirika (Age of Apocalypse)]
  • X-Men: Evolution uniform (DLC - Femme Fatale Costume Pack)



  • Purple outfit and black beads with orange hair and gray skin
  • Dark green outfit and black beads with yellow hair
  • Black outfit and dark brown beads with gray hair and dark gray skin [Shin Akuma IV/Unused Street Fighter III alternate/Oni color scheme]
  • Dark red outfit with purple-grey hair, beads, gloves, and sandals, lighter skin
  • Vibrant purple outfit, fiery red hair with gray streaks, tan skin [Shin Akuma III/Street Fighter III 2nd Impact alternate]
  • Cyber-Akuma [Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter] (DLC - New Age of Heroes Costume Pack)

Albert Wesker

  • White suit with tan skin [Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation/Scientists coloration]
  • Dark red coat and white suit with light brown hair
  • Forest green jacket with tan skin and white hair
  • Purple jacket and White hair
  • White coat and red suit with black hair [M. Bison color scheme]
  • S.T.A.R.S. uniform (DLC - Villain Costume Pack)


  • Dark gray fur with white face, paws and underbelly [Canine Warrior Gi/Take color scheme]
  • Dark brown fur with light brown facial markings, paws, and underbelly [Canine Warrior Chu/Hayabusa color scheme]
  • Pink fur with light pink face, paws, and underbelly, flower mark on back legs [Canine Warrior Jin/Ume color scheme]
  • Dark green fur [Shiranui Tribute Statue]
  • Brownish yellow fur with white face, legs, and underbelly [Shiba Inu color scheme]
  • Jon Talbain [Darkstalkers] (DLC - Animal Costume Pack)

Chris Redfield

  • Blue shirt and shoes with light gray pants and black knee pads [R.C.P.D. color scheme]
  • Blonde hair with white B.S.A.A. uniform and dark blue pants and tan skin [Cody color scheme]
  • Black and white B.S.A.A. uniform with white hair and pale skin [Resident Evil 5's Safari color scheme]
  • Black shirt, pants and shoes [Suited Chris]
  • Blonde hair with yellow shirt and blue pants, black shoes [Chuck Greene color scheme]
  • S.T.A.R.S. uniform (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)


  • Red outfit with black hair [Street Fighter II alternate]
  • Black outfit with black boots, black pantyhose, red accents [Street Fighter III Color 12/Street Fighter IV Color 10]
  • Baby Blue outfit with white pantyhose and baby blue boots [Street Fighter III Color 11]
  • Pink outfit and boots [Pocket Fighter alternate]
  • Blackened version of normal color [Shadow Lady]
  • Street Fighter Alpha outfit (DLC - Femme Fatale Costume Pack)

Crimson Viper

  • Brown hair, black top, yellow tie, white pants, black gloves [El Fuerte color scheme]
  • Yellow hair, yellow/black top, red tie, yellow pants, black gloves [Rufus color scheme]
  • Black hair, white/blue top, white tie, white pants, white gloves [Abel color scheme]
  • Blond hair, purple/black top, yellow tie, purple pants, black gloves [Original color scheme]
  • Auburn hair, red/black top, black tie, blue pants, brown gloves [Resident Evil's Claire Redfield color scheme]
  • S.I.N. outfit (DLC - Villain Costume Pack)


  • Black coat with blonde hair [Trish color scheme]
  • Black coat and gray camouflage pants [Diesel color scheme]
  • White coat and dark gray pants with light blue hair and red eyes [Ryu from Breath of Fire color scheme]
  • Orange coat with dark gray pants and boots, pale green hair [Frightful Four color scheme]
  • Blue coat with red inside, black pants and brown boots [Vergil color scheme]
  • Sparda Human Form>Devil Form [Devil May Cry 3 alternate unlockable attire] (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)


  • Blonde hair with tan skin and gray claws [Puzzle Fighter alternate]
  • Black hair with red fur and gray claws [Variation of Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Pink hair with black fur and white claws [Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Orange hair and lighter skin [Numerous red-headed Marvel characters]
  • Tan skin with pink hair and purple nails [Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Yellow Iris [Battle Circuit] (DLC - Animal Costume Pack)


  • Blue skin with brown wings, red eyes, and silver gauntlets [Capcom Logo color scheme]
  • Yellow skin with gray wings and silver gauntlets
  • Black skin with red wings, and gold gauntlets [Blackheart color scheme]
  • Dark gray skin, wings, and mouth, stone gray gauntlets [Living gargoyle statue color scheme]
  • Green skin with purple wings, gauntlets, and nails [Gargoyle's Quest cover/Green Goblin color scheme]
  • Red Arremer King (DLC - Ancient Warrior Costume Pack)

Frank West

  • Dark purple jacket with black shirt and gray pants
    • Zombies: Purple skinned
  • White jacket and pants with red shirt [Tatsunoko vs. Capcom alternate]
    • Zombies: Tan skinned
  • Tan jacket and pants with brown shirt [1950's style outfit]
    • Zombies: Dark yellow skinned
  • Yellow jacket with black shirt, dark blue pants and shoes, blonde hair [Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene color scheme]
    • Zombies: Blue skinned
  • White leopard-skin jacket with pink shirt and white pants
    • Zombies: Green skinned
  • Mega Man X Outfit [Dead Rising] (DLC - Rising Dead Costume Pack)
    • Zombies: Black skinned


  • Red and black outfit with darker purple sleeves and pants, white skin, black hair and slippers, Mei-Ling is dark red [Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Yellow and blue outfit with lighter purple sleeves and pants, blue slippers, Mei-Ling is a darker yellow [Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Black and blue outfit with white skin, red cheeks and hat [Mr. Vampire]
  • Bright green and yellow outfit with vibrant purple sleeves and pants, green slippers, Mei-Ling is a slightly darker yellow [Puzzle Fighter]
  • Dark Red and black outfit with darker purple sleeves and pants, dark red slippers, Mei-Ling is a vibrant red [Original]
  • Mei-Ling (DLC - Evil Twin Costume Pack)

Jill Valentine

  • Red and black jumpsuit with blonde hair [Saki color scheme]
  • Green and brown jumpsuit with darker skin [Green Umbrella Team/Camo color scheme]
  • Black and silver jumpsuit with white hair [P.N.03's Intera Fusion suit color scheme]
  • Pink and red jumpsuit with purple hair [Numerous Pink alternates]
  • White and black jumpsuit with brown hair [P.N.03's Vanessa default outfit color scheme]
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Attire (Free with Jill Valentine DLC Purchase)

Mike Haggar

  • Tan skin, black shoes and camouflage pants [Soldier Haggar]
  • Pale skin, black Belt, pants, shoes and hair [Formal Haggar]
  • Pale skin, gray hair and belt, tan pants [Old Haggar]
  • Red pants, black shoes [Young Haggar/Andore Jr.]
  • Tan skin, black shoes and leopard skin pants [Kraven the Hunter color scheme]
  • Final Fight 3 attire (DLC - Brawler Costume Pack)

Morrigan Aensland

  • Blonde hair with black leather and orange leggings and sleeves [Marvel vs. Capcom 2 alternate]
  • Dark purple hair with pink leather and lighter pink leggings and sleeves [Numerous Pink alternates]
  • Light blue hair with red leather and wing arms, green leggings, sleeves, and wing skins [Rose Flower]
  • Pink hair with red leather, light blue leggings, blue sleeves, red wings bones with black wing skin, red eyes [Lilith Aensland color scheme]
  • Light gray hair with white leather and wing bones, purple wing skins and sleeves, brown leggings [Vampire Savior alternate]
  • Casual outfit (DLC - Femme Fatale Costume Pack)

Nathan "Rad" Spencer

  • Red tank top with brown pants and red hair [Jayne Magdalene color scheme]
  • White tank top with dark green pants [Concept Art color scheme]
  • Orange tank top and pants with black hair and boots [Bionic Commando Re-Armed P2/BioReign Terrorist color scheme]
  • Brown and yellow mimetic tank top with leopard scheme pants [Bling color scheme]
  • Grey tanktop with white pants and black and gray boots [P.N.03's Vanessa color scheme]
  • Bionic Commando: ReArmed appearance (DLC - Brawler Costume Pack)


  • Dark brown skin with blood red outfit and rocket launcher [Executioner Majini color scheme]
  • Dark brown skin with dark green outfit and black rocket launcher [Man-Thing color scheme]
  • Lightblue skin with dark blue outfit and rocket launcher [Police Zombie/ Hypnos color scheme]
  • Feint pink skin and outfit with dark violet-red rocket launcher [Raw Meat]
  • Pure white skin and outfit with black rocket launcher [Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles T.A.L.O.S/ Ivan color scheme]
  • Resident Evil 3 second form (DLC - Rising Dead Costume Pack)

Phoenix Wright

  • Red suit and black shirt with white tie and collar and gray hair [Miles Edgeworth color scheme]
    • Maya: Black robe with tan sash and brown hair [Mia Fey color scheme]
    • Missile: Dark gray fur with light gray underbelly
  • Kaki green suit and white shirt with light brown tie and collar [Detective Gumshoe color scheme]
    • Maya: Black and white robe with golden sash and silver hair, light blue pandant, brown tinted legs [Franziska Von Karma color scheme]
    • Missile: Brown fur with light brown underbelly
  • Orange suit and white shirt with lightblue tie and brown hair [Larry Butz color scheme]
    • Maya: Orange and white robe with red sash [Trés Bien waitress color scheme]
    • Missile: Pink fur with white underbelly
  • Dark green and tan suit and dark green shirt with white tie and white hair [Godot color scheme]
    • Maya: Light purple and pink robe with violet sash [Kay Faraday color scheme]
    • Missile: Dark green fur and underbelly
  • Red suit and black shirt with white tie and shoes, yellow hair [Ghost Trick's Sissel color scheme]
    • Maya: Yellow and dark blue robe with red sash, hair, and sandals, red tinted legs [Ghost Trick's Lynne color scheme]
    • Missile: White fur and underbelly with red signs [Okamiden's Chibiterasu color scheme]
  • Phoenix "Feenie" Wright [College Clothes; Case 1 of Trials and Tribulations] (DLC - Viewtiful Strange costume pack)
    • Maya: White and violet robe with purple sash [Iris/Ema Skye color scheme]
    • Missile: Gray fur and underbelly [Darkstalkers' Jon Talbain color scheme]


  • Black outfit with white headband and yellow gloves [Street Fighter IV Color 8]
  • Dark red outfit with black headband and black gloves [Street Fighter II alternate]
  • Blue outfit with yellow headband and yellow gloves [Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 alternate]
  • Red outfit with black headband and yellow gloves and hair [Ken color scheme]
  • Black outfit with red-tinted skin and red eyes [Evil Ryu's Capcom vs. SNK color scheme]
  • Street Fighter outfit (DLC - MvC3 Add-Ons Costume Pack 01)

Sir Arthur

  • Blue-purple armor with gold face shield [Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins color scheme]
    • Underwear: Vertical blue and white stripes
  • Green armor [Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Bronze armor color scheme]
    • Underwear: Green with white polka dots
  • Gold armor [Ghouls 'n Ghosts color scheme]
    • Underwear: Yellow with black stars
  • Blue armor with gray hair [Old Arthur]
    • Underwear: Blue with white polka dots
  • Pink Tinted Armor [Lover Arthur]
    • Underwear: Pink with white hearts
  • Zombie Arthur (DLC - Ancient Warrior Costume Pack)
    • King's Armor: Cursed Armor (Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins)
    • Underwear: Skeleton Arthur

Strider Hiryu

  • Black outfit and hair, brown boots, grey chest symbol [Black Daredevil/Ninja color scheme]
  • Light blue outfit with dark blue scarf, red abdomen sash, blonde hair, yellow armbads [Kenji color scheme]
  • White outfit with brown abdomen sash and chest symbol [Strider Hien color scheme]
  • Tan outfit with black hair, scarf, chest symbol, abdomen sash, armbands and boots [Ibuki color scheme]
  • Orange outfit, white scarf and chest symbol, yellow armbands and boots [Guy color scheme]
  • Arcade Strider (DLC - New Age of Heroes Costume Pack)


  • Red top and forearm sleeves, dark brown pants, black boots, pale skin and silver hair [Dante color scheme]
  • Light blue top, forearm sleeves and pants, white boots, collar, and belt [Rainbow Mika color scheme]
  • White hair with blue top and forearm sleeves, dark blue pants and belt, brown boots [Vergil color scheme]
  • Brown hair with orange top and pants, brown forearm sleeves, collar and belt, black boots [Frightful Four color scheme (Same as Dante)]
  • Black hair with pink top, forearm sleeves and pants, black collar and belt, white boots [Star Gladiator's June Lin Milliam color scheme]
  • Gloria [Devil May Cry 4] (DLC - Weapon Expert Costume Pack)

Tron Bonne

  • Blonde hair, red outfit, red and brown Gustaff [Roll Caskett color scheme]
    • Servbot: White body, black hands and buttons [Data color scheme]
  • Black and Yellow outfit, black and yellow Gustaff [The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Stylish Gustaff color scheme/Marvel vs. Capcom 2 alternate]
    • Servbot: Salmon body with gray hands and buttons
  • Grey hair with red earrings, light gray outfit, army green and white Gustaff [Teisel Bonne color scheme]
    • Servbot: Gray head and shoulders, army green body and brown buttons
  • Blue and yellow outfit, black hair, with orange, black, and white Gustaff [Bon Bonne color scheme]
    • Servbot: Beige head and shoulders, orange body with yellow buttons, Brown hands
  • Pink and gray outfit and Gustaff [Marvel vs. Capcom 2 alternate/Namco X Capcom color scheme]
    • Servbot: Orange head, hands and buttons, black body
  • Servbot Head Mech (DLC - Viewtiful Strange Costume Pack)
    • Servbot: Green body with orange hands and yellow buttons [Gustaff color scheme]

Viewtiful Joe

  • Blue suit and beard with green eyes and visor [Captain Blue Jr. color scheme]
  • Black suit, gloves, boots and beard with purple eyes and scarf [Black Emperor Jet Black color scheme]
  • White suit and beard with pink eyes [Dark Hero Jet Black color scheme]
  • Purple suit, eyes, visor, and scarf, dark purple neck, gloves, and boots, light purple skin [Blade Master Alastor color scheme]
  • Light blue suit and beard with pink eyes and visor, yellow scarf [Sexy Silvia color scheme]
  • Human form (DLC - Viewtiful Strange Costume Pack)


  • Black trench coat with white on inside, white shirt, black pants and brown boots [Vergil's concept artwork]
  • Dark blue trench coat with red on inside, red shirt, dark blue pants and brown boots [Nero color scheme]
  • Red trench coat with pink on inside, red shirt, red pants and red boots [Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition Vergil alternate color scheme. Nicknamed "Vante" in fan circles]
  • White trench coat with red on inside, dark blue shirt, black pants and black boots [Rival Schools: United by Fate's Kyosuke color scheme]
  • Blue trench coat with yellow on inside, red shirt, blue pants and brown boots [Demitri Maximoff color scheme]
  • Corrupt Vergil>DMC1 Sparda [Devil May Cry 3] (DLC - Evil Twin Costume Pack)


  • Black and yellow armor with dark blue gems [Bass color scheme]
  • Dark blue and red armor with dark brown hair and dark blue gems [Axl color scheme]
  • Red and dark gray armor with orange hair and yellow gems [Mega Man Zero color scheme]
  • Purple and yellow armor with purple gems [Vile color scheme]
  • White and blue armor with blue hair and hands and orange gems [X's Hyper Armor color scheme]
  • X (DLC - Weapon Expert Costume Pack)

DLC costume packsEdit

Removed ColorsEdit

To make space for new alternate outfits, or in some cases, make improved DLC costumes, certain character color schemes were removed during the transfer to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Here are several removed colors from the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Costume Specific QuotesEdit

Iron Man and Deadpool's DLC costumes give them special pre-match quotes about their outfit.

"I can still smell Norman Osborn's hair gel."- Iron Man in his Iron Patriot DLC costume, referencing the Dark Reign storyline in which Norman Osborn posed as Iron Man by wearing the Iron Patriot suit.

"And you thought Cable wasn't in this game..."-Deadpool in his Cablepool DLC costume, referencing the fact that Cable isn't present in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Costume Specific TitlesEdit

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there are titles that are unlocked through the use of specific costumes, sometimes on specific stages.

  • Title: Days of Future Past
    • Condition: Win a Days of Future Past match using 3 character costumes inspired by Age of Apocalypse or Age of X.
    • Character/Color:X-23/6 ; Magneto/3 ; Wolverine/5 ; Hulk/5 ; Captain America/3 ; Phoenix/6
  • Title: But That's Not Me!
    • Condition: Win a match using three costumes inspired by a different character than the one selected.
    • Secret Condition: Shadowland Stage
    • Character/Color: Hulk/4 ; Captain America/6 ; She-Hulk/6
  • Title: Avengers... In Space!
    • Condition: Win in space with three costumes inspired by space episodes of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
    • Secret Condition: A space themed stage (In Heros & Heralds Mode: Fate of the Earth Stage).
    • Character/Color: Captain America/4 ; Hawkeye/4 ; Thor/5
  • Title: WHAT IF I'M EXILED?
    • Condition: Win using three costumes inspired by EXILES or WHAT IF? comics while fighting in a Capcom stage.
    • Character/Color: Dormammu/5 ; MODOK/4 ; Iron Fist/6
  • Title: Ultimate Defiance
    • Condition: Win a match using three characters whose outfits are inspired by marvel's Ultimate Universe.
    • Character/Color: Super Skrull/4 ; She-Hulk/4 ; Hawkeye/4 ; Thor/4; Ghost Rider/4

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